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of Shirlee Green Preschool

Shirlee Green Preschool is a unique little place, nestled in Creve Coeur, Missouri.  We are a small school where learning how to be a good human and a kind, proactive member of the world community is at the crux of all we do. Shirlee Green Preschool connects young children's educational experience to all facets of their lives. We use a holistic model of teaching that connects student's inner life to their home, classroom, school, and community.  The many facets of the students' lives are embraced together, considered every day, and explored with intention within this small school.


SGP is a model school for progressive early childhood education that has drawn inspiration from the best practices of education from around.  Our work and research have inspired us to create a unique approach, creating a culture of thinking together as citizens, as innovators, as creatives, and as community members. Our 

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