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a school for young leaders

Something remarkable is happening within the walls of Shirlee Green Preschool.  3 and 4-year-olds are surveying their friends. Gaggles of 5-year-olds pause their day to solve problems together and find solutions that feel good for everyone. Little humans reflect on their choices and actions daily; they pause to consider how they can make an impact in their world - in big campaigns and small, personal actions. Shirlee Green Preschool is a school for young solutionaries.  We create innovators.  Here, character and value-based education are at the center of all we do. Carefully, skills such as collaboration, self-direction, and leadership are folded into within each step of learning.  We look to build within every young child a spirit of:


Ometz Lev (grit)

Self Regulation and Self-Reliance

Hessed (loving kindness from a place of compassion)

Optimism and Naivete

Koach (courage)

T'shuvah (repentance)

Tikkun Olum (action to repair the world)

Curiosity and Innovation

SGP is a creative hub for young leaders.  We have created a unique approach that is centered on projects chosen by students as they each work to explore creative ways to impact their community. Within the spaces of our small school for tiny humans, our young learners create projects to solve the problems they see in their world.  Some write books - stories by kids and for kids.  Others take tender care of the creepy crawlies on campus or bake warm challah for friends and family. Each project is as unique as the children dreaming them.  We ask children what inspires them, what is close to their hearts, and from these wishes and dreams, teachers work collaboratively with each class as each multi-faceted learning journey unfolds. 

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