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commitments with young children

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Shirlee Green Preschool was founded with the intent to create a place with social justice as one of our founding pillars. We know that young children absorb attitudes towards diversity that their caretakers hold and that they see in their communities. We aim to change the model of education from a system of oppression to a tool of change and inclusivity. We've committed to being a radically inclusive and anti-racist  and anti-biased school for young children. In our classrooms we:

  • Use gender-inclusive language with our students,

  • Work to address implicit bias through educator training each summer,

  • Read literature that represents a variety of people of various racial, religious, and LGBTQ+ backgrounds to our students and with our students,

  • Commit to engaging in authentic conversations with our students and not shy from discussions about race, racism, privilege, differences, and ability with the knowledge that students have real input now on these subjects.

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