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At Shirlee Green Preschool, we hold four pillars of focus at the heart of all we do. These pillars guide our decision making of how we plan our curriculum, how we make choices for the future, and how we ensure each student is receiving a holistic and fulfilling education. 


Through community-focused projects, our students learn how to voice their concerns and passions, understand the goodness within themselves and others, and nurture a sense of life-long advocacy. 


A structured process rooted in empathy, developed to build creative confidence and empower community contribution, design thinking is the framework that structures our students' project work. We use design thinking to guide our projects, learning along the way how to identify needs in the community, define problems, ideate solutions, prototype designs, test our ideas, reflect on our work and then begin the cycle again until we are proud of our solutions. 


Children at Shirlee Green Preschool are valued and visible members of their community. Each year, our students venture into the community, beginning within the walls of their classroom and bravely tackling issues within the community of Congregation Shaare Emeth and the neighboring community. Through all we do, we emphasize that our young learners are citizens now, and the ways in which they see the world matters.


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At Shirlee Green Preschool, Judaic principles and values are woven into every aspect of our curriculum making each day an opportunity for young students to practice, explore, and understand each value with their head, their heart, and their hands. Integral to our curriculum are important Jewish values such as tikkun olam - Repairing the World, hessed - caring, and our role as Keepers of the Earth - shomrei adamah

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