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school for unquiet thinking 

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." 

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Unquiet Thinking at Shirlee Green Preschool is unabashedly many things.  It is empathetic and creative.  It is a safe harbor for deep thinkers.  It is a model for justice in a community filled with loving care, joyful discovery, and respectful divergence.   

SGP has pulled the best practices from philosophies of teaching and pedagogies from around the world to develop an early education approach that speaks to the needs of our students. Our  work has led to the creation of a humanistic and authentically experienced  model of education with the purpose 


of creating a place that says to every child, "You matter. Your actions matter. Your goodness matters."


This model enables each young learner to take this message and their burgeoning skills into the world as solutionaries at every stage of their lives.

The Pedagogy of Unquiet Thinking is a transformational education approach in which students are motivated by their community's' needs and their personal values, to become problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and active players in their spheres of influence. These experiences shape their social emotional skills, academic abilities, and interpersonal foundations.

Unquiet Thinking guides all that we do. And we look to our mission to remind us of the important work happening on this beautiful campus.  Shirlee Green Preschool - where young children develop personal agency and a natural character of justice through community engaged projects in service to things larger than themselves.

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