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In a world that is more anxious than ever, with so many problems that seem insurmountable, we are a place that says there are solutions out there, no problem is too big, and this is a safe place to strive to make a difference.

As parents and guardians we have so many choices each day regarding our children, we always want to do what is best for them, surround them with love, tell them the world is a safe place. And yet there are real problems our children will be facing sooner rather than later. How do we balance protecting our children's emotional well-being, showing them radical love (different than we may have received as young children), and being honest about what the world is truly facing? We say do it with bravery and compassion. 

We hope you take on the challenge with us of being caretakers of young children who don't shy away from hard conversations, meeting children where they are at with openness and love, and letting them grapple with real problems so later in life as the problems become more complex, they don't push them away and say "someone else will solve this" they say, "how can I help?"

We hope to be a resource for you when taking on these brave conversations, and actions in your life. A good resource to get started is Traci Baxley's book Social Justice Parenting. As well as considering her framework for Social Justice Parenting in your own home, that you will find below. 

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