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project-based education

Children at Shirlee Green Preschool are integral members of the community.  They take a careful, loving look around them and ask themselves "What can I give?" Giving comes in many forms, but at SGP, the dreams shared are always those of young children.  As they learn and play, they spend their class time making their big ideas come true while honing the mathematics, literacy, art, and science skills needed to make it happen.  Sometimes it's a map of the school, made by small hands, to help their parents and guardians know where to go when they visit.  Sometimes it's a video written, directed, and acted out by 4-year-olds sent to friends unable to come to school due to COVID - The Happiness Project 2021.  


 At SGP, dreams are big and the creative contributions of children are honored and celebrated every day.  Each year, the children of our small school work together to make their wishes for their community come true.  No year is ever the same, but surprises are guaranteed.  Click below to check out what our young solutionaries have been up to.

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