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Our small school has lots of ways our community can help us grow our dreams into reality.  From spending a bit of time with our students on a special project or showing off your to making a big splash with a large contribution, we are every grateful for your support.



Garden Work Days

Our young students plant and tend to gardens and the micro-peach orchard at the Outdoor Kitah.  But there's only so much weeding they can tolerate.  If you have two hours free on a weekend or an hour on Wednesday, let us know.  We'd be happy to have you help us prune peach trees and help our gardens stay healthy.


Wish List

Young children use lots of stuff.  We can always use help getting all we need.  From little to large, we appreciate it all:

  • recycled items: paper towel tubes, fabric scraps, buttons, oatmeal containers, milk caps, baby food jars

  • natural items: pine cones, acorns

  • Art Studio: long-sleeved button-up men's shirts

  • Outdoor Kitah: soil, tree stumps, tree cookies, outdoor building blocks

  • Courtyard: climbing and balancing set

  • Classrooms: toddler climber

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Join the PAC

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a parent's opportunity to help support teachers and the direction of the school.  The PAC meets monthly.


The Giving Tree

Give a financial gift to help us raise money toward large improvement projects for the preschool.

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